Upsell your AirBnB Guests

Just about everyone is familiar with the concept of upselling. If you’ve ever been asked if you want fries with your burger or noticed those “people also bought” suggestions when shopping on Amazon, congratulations. You’ve been upsold.

Upselling is a powerful and effective way to increase revenue without much additional effort, and believe it or not, it’s something you can do with your short term rental. If you’re interested in boosting your profits as a short term rental host (and who wouldn’t be?!?), here are a few ideas to upsell your AirBnB guests.


How will your guests get to and from their Airbnb rental? How will they get around once they’ve arrived? One way you can upsell your AirBnB is to purchase single use public transportation tickets in bulk and offer guests the option of purchasing them from you prior to their arrival. Or, up your profits and rent your vehicle on a site like Turo. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of not having to arrange their own comings and goings and you’ll make more money in the process. That’s a win-win!

Early Check-In, Late Checkout

Who doesn’t love the option to stay in bed a little later on their last day of vacation? And what about those weary travelers not having to worry about what time they finally arrive at the unit. Offering the option of adding more time on either end of the stay may seem little, but it’s a perk many short term rental guests really appreciate. In fact, according to Guesty, those interested in this option would be willing to pay up to 40-50% of your nightly rate for the convenience. What a great and super easy way to make a little extra cash!

Gift Baskets

For guests who will be celebrating a special occasion while staying at your short term rental, the option to add a themed gift basket can be a nice touch. For example, you might offer anniversary or romance baskets that contain items like champagne, glasses and chocolates, or you might put together something fun for those celebrating a birthday, holiday or bachelorette party. A souvenir basket is another great idea to save guests the time and hassle of shopping. The possibilities are endless.

Local Artwork

Another creative way to upsell to your Airbnb guests is to incorporate local artwork throughout your home and list it for sale (at a profit, of course). Many guests appreciate seeing pieces they know were created locally and would jump at the opportunity to bring something home to commemorate their experience. Are you an artist yourself? Why not turn your short term rental into a mini-gallery and list some of your own work for sale?

Alcohol/Food/Specialty Items

If you’ve ever stayed at a resort or one of those boutique hotels, you’ve undoubtedly partaken in an item or two from the minibar. Hotels rake in an average of $2.25 billion in revenue from extra fees and add-ons, including items purchased from the minibar. Why not apply this same concept to your Airbnb and tap into some of those profits for yourself? As an example, I offer guests the option to partake in a bottle of wine from my personal collection, for which they are charged at the end of their stay. You can also do this with food or other specialty items if you’d like.

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