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One of the most common questions weighing on the minds of short term rental hosts is, “How can I get more bookings?” After all, the more time you’ve got your Airbnb booked, the more money you make. I’ve already shared a few ideas for maximizing occupancy, but since I’m certainly not the only host who’s doing well at this, I thought it might be beneficial to do some research and see what other successful short term rental hosts had to say. Here’s what I discovered.

Catch their attention right away.

You can have the most compelling listing on the Airbnb platform, but it won’t do you any good if nobody’s actually clicking through to read it. This is why a powerful headline is so important. The best Airbnb experts know that capturing the attention of prospective renters is one of the first keys to success, so make your title attractive and informative about what makes your property so unique.

Price competitively.

I get it. You became a short term rental host to make money. But if you’re not careful about how you set your rates, you could end up pricing yourself right out of the competition. Figure out what other comparable Airbnb rentals in your area are getting and price yours accordingly. Some pros even suggest low-balling a little. After all, who doesn’t love to snag a good deal?

Use photos.

A picture can say a thousand words – especially when it comes to success as a short term rental host. The most popular listings run by the top Airbnb experts are the ones that don’t just tell prospective guests what they can expect during their stay, but they show them through high quality imagery. Take pictures of what makes your property stand out and include as many photos in your listing as you can.

Offer Instant Book.

People are busy, and when they see something they want, they’re likely to jump on it quickly. This is why Airbnb listings that offer the option to book instantly tend to perform better than those requiring an initial inquiry. These listings are also favored by Airbnb, which means they tend to get more visibility in the search results. The more prospects seeing your listing, the more likely you’ll be to get a booking.

Be responsive.

When someone is in vacation-planning mode, they’re ripe for the picking. If a prospective guest sends over a question about your property and has to wait 48 hours to get a response, you might as well hand-deliver them to your competition. The best Airbnb experts know to strike while the iron is hot by being super responsive to inquiries. Yes, it’ll take time out of your day, but if it wins you a booking, it’s worth it.

Get lots of positive reviews.

This one can be challenging if you’re just starting out, but over time, a solid rating can really help increase your bookings because it instills a sense of trust. There are lots of ways to get 5-stars, but the foundation is creating a memorable guest experience. Practice good communication. Be helpful and attentive. And, my personal favorite, focus on the little things that will really make a strong, positive impression on your guests. A guest that is ‘wowed’ will almost always leave a stellar review.

Be careful with your acceptance rate.

Airbnb does not place a limit on how many booking requests you’re allowed to decline, however, doing so frequently may impact your search ranking. This means your profile and listings won’t get as much visibility, which could lead to a decline in bookings. If you really get a bad vibe from someone, go with your gut. But Airbnb experts recommend giving people the benefit of the doubt. 99% of the time, it works out fine. 

Respond to reviews.

It’s not enough to simply gather reviews. The most successful Airbnb experts know it’s just as important to respond to those reviews. Whether it’s thanking someone for their 5-star rating or addressing a complaint, responding to each comment will show future guests that you’re an attentive host and you genuinely care about your guests. This can go a long way toward winning a future booking. 

Get referrals.

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking to increase your Airbnb bookings, asking for referrals can be a great tool – especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have any reviews yet. You can ask friends, family members and colleagues if they know anyone who might be interested in giving your short term rental a try. Or, you could extend an incentive offer to past guests for any referrals they send your way. 

Becoming one of the elite Airbnb experts isn’t rocket science. The key is keeping your property occupied as much as possible while it’s available for rent. A great way to do this is to learn from the best. Put some of the tips above into action and watch as those bookings start to roll in.

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