airbnb perk

Turning your primary residence into a short term rental property while you’re traveling or visiting friends is a great way to make some extra cash. If you’re creative enough, you can bring those profits even higher by offering some revenue-boosting extras. Your guests will appreciate the gesture and you’ll have the opportunity to put some additional money in your pocket with an Airbnb perk. Sound good? Here are a few add-on ideas that are super easy and highly profitable.

Early Check-In/Late Checkout

Being able to arrive ahead of schedule or stay a little longer on checkout day can be a great incentive for guests. So much so that many would be more than willing to pay a little extra for it. And it’s nothing out of the ordinary, either. Most boutique hotels charge a courtesy fee for these perks, so most guests won’t bat an eye. And if they decide to take you up on it, that could mean an extra $25-$50 in your pocket. Sweet!

Additional Cleaning

One of the nice things about staying in a hotel is the fact that your room can be cleaned on a daily basis. Guests who are staying at your short term rental might appreciate this option as well – especially if they’re booked for an extended stay. For an additional fee, you could offer to have your cleaning crew come in on an agreed upon day and time to tidy up and replenish toiletries and other amenities. It’s a great Airbnb perk that may help your property stand out from the competition as well.

Airport Pickup

Another great Airbnb perk that makes life easier and more convenient for your guests is arranging to have them transported to and from the airport. You could even offer a number of different tiered options, from basic ride-share arrangement to limousine. I’d suggest partnering with a local car service company. You send them leads, they offer you a discounted rate and you make a small profit in the process. Everybody wins!


Hotels may have live concierge service, but you can offer the next best thing by hooking your guests up with local activities and experiences. For instance, you could offer an Airbnb perk to arrange bike rentals, get tickets to an upcoming event, schedule guided tours or make reservations at a popular nearby restaurant. Again, my suggestion would be to strike up mutually beneficial partnerships with local vendors who will offer you a cut of the revenue in exchange for sending business their way.

Party Planning

If your guests will be celebrating a special occasion during their stay, they might appreciate the option to have you plan ahead and make it extra special. Whether it’s ordering a bottle of champagne and some gourmet chocolates for an anniversary, having a cake custom-made to celebrate a birthday or decorating your entire short term rental for a family reunion. This added touch takes the stress off your guests – an Airbnb perk many would be more than happy to pay a premium for!

Of course, these are just a few ideas and suggestions. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box, or better yet – poll your guests to see if there are any perks or add-ons they’d like that you haven’t thought of yet. The more extra effort you put into your short term rental, the more your profits will soar. But don’t forget, it’s just about offering an Airbnb perk, its about providing a great experience, while also trying to maximize your bookings and profits.